Hi, I’m Lauren! I grew up in the North-East of England, studied in the USA, and moved to Sweden in 2011. I studied Biochemistry and Environmental Biogeochemistry, then obtained my doctorate in Carbohydrate Enzymology. I’m passionate about higher education, life science research, and writing on environmental protection, sustainable development, and new innovations in biotechnology. Outside of work, you’ll usually find me reading a novel, walking in the Swedish woodlands, or making another crochet basket we don’t need.

Academic work

I am a Docent & Researcher at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. I investigate bacterial enzymes, and teach Master’s level biotechnology. See this page to learn about how my research is funded.


I write about biotech, the environment, and life in science for online outlets and magazines. I also publish research in peer-reviewed academic journals – find links on my professional webpage.

This site

I use this site to gather my writing together, and as an occasional blog of academic life. Check my professional webpage for updates on academic publications and my teaching.

Recently on the blog A Few Words…

Integrating ‘Sustainable Development’ into higher education teaching in the life sciences.

Sustainable development “Sustainable development” (SD) describes a shift in societal attitudes and behaviours, and in industrial practice and norms, towards a more sustainable way of life. In other words, it is the way in which we increase the sustainability of our lifestyles. Sustainability can be defined as a way of living well within our means, … Continue reading Integrating ‘Sustainable Development’ into higher education teaching in the life sciences.

A scholarly approach to teaching in higher education.

Introducing fundamental concepts of higher education Constructive alignment One of the most significant developments in teaching in higher education (HE) over recent decades has been the embrace of constructive alignment (Biggs & Tang, 2011). This concept was formalised by John Biggs (2014), and is based on earlier pedagogical works by Tyler (1949) and Shuell (1986), … Continue reading A scholarly approach to teaching in higher education.