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Here you will find occasional posts from me about new scientific publications, experiences I’ve had as a scientist, and non-fiction books I’ve read. I expect to be posting quite infrequently, so be sure to follow this blog or subscribe below to be alerted when I post something new!

  • So that was 2019.

    30th Dec 2019 by

    I started this webpage in September 2019, so this will be my first ‘year in review’ post. Hopefully I can keep doing something similar in the years to come. But how to summarise a year of one’s professional life? And how much personal detail to discuss here, on what is ostensibly a science/work-focussed site? For… Read more

  • One week of seclusion in the forests of Norrland.

    23rd Sep 2019 by

    My adopted hometown of Stockholm is in the southern half of Sweden, in the region called Svealand. It’s easy for me to forget just how much more of Sweden there is to the north of me than to the south. You can go up on the map a lot further than I have had the… Read more

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